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Greentec is introducing 3D laser scanning as a highly effective tool to minimize risk and to maximize precision in a market where owners are looking for the fastest and most accurate retrofit and conversion solutions to name a few.

Speed and accuracy is key to owners when it comes to minimizing a ship’s downtime and reducing the margin of error. Greentec has extended the company’s advanced design toolbox and services with the acquisition of state-of-the-art 3D laser scanners FARO. With a scanning range of 130 meters and 2 mm accuracy, this offers brand new opportunities in fast ship conversions.

The owners are constantly looking to reduce all possible margins, be it risk, time or error. With 3D laser scanner, Greentec can offer a unique new service, where it scanned different parts of the vessel and then provided the yard with the best possible and most accurate production drawings, drastically reducing the yard’s schedule and the risk of errors, while the vessel is still in operation.

Greentec is also pairing the 3D scanning-technology with virtual reality, which is the next big thing in ship design and ship interiors. With the scanning and virtual reality technology, Greentec can quickly help owners visualize and understand the proposed interiors and layouts when they move around inside the simulated designs. This can be done even before the vessel is put into production or conversions have begun – saving owners millions caused by costly design mistakes.

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