2 More EGCS retrofitting projects of Hapag Lloyd Delivered Successfully

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At the beginning of the New Year, Greentec Team is working on retrofitting projects in full swing to achieve a good start of 2022.

Before the Chinese New Year Holiday, the project team of Greentec successfully completed the sea trail of the 2nd vessel "MALIK AL ASHTAR" and the 3rd vessel "ALULA EXPRESS" of the Hapag Lloyd 9 series retrofitting projects and avoided the risk of additional cost for the customer in an effective way.

Different from the first vessel "AIN SNAN", Greentec project team adopted the plan of overall assembly and hoisting on board of the desulfurization tower for the 2nd vessel “MALIK AL ASHTAR” and organized all departments to cooperate closely, overcome difficulties to complete the retrofitting plan smoothly. The vessel was refuelled with high-sulfur fuel during the sea trial, and after being treated by the EGC system, all the indicators were in accordance with the IMO regulations on desulfurization emissions.

ALULA EXPRESS is the third vessel in the Hapag Lloyd series of retrofitting projects. On the day before the sea trial, the sea water pump converter of the desulfurization tower broke down suddenly. Coordinated by the project team, the deployment and replacement work was completed within half a day instead of 2 days, which ensured that the sea trial was carried out as scheduled.

The EGCS retrofitting project has been successfully delivered at the end of the year, which fully reflects the Greentec spirits of "integrity, profession, innovation, cooperation". In the New Year, Greentec will strive to be a World-Class Marine and Offshore EPC Contractor and Green Technology Provider and unceasingly make efforts to write a new chapter with high-quality development.


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