Celebrating the Extraordinary 15 Years and Forging Ahead on a New Journey

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Time flies. The challenging year of the Ox (2021) has gone and the breakthrough year of the Tiger (2022) has come. On January 25th of 2022, 2021 Annual Summary Commendation Ceremony and 2022 New Year’s Party of Greentec were held successfully with the subject of “Celebrating the Extraordinary 15 Years and Forging Ahead on a New Journey”.

In 2021, in the face of severe and complex international epidemic and the world economic situation, Greentec made efforts in design and technology research and development, project management, global procurement and other fields, which maintained a stable and positive momentum in the transformation and upgrading, and also achieved a wonderful start with high-quality development.

In 2021, Greentec not only gained achievements, but also harvested honors. Under the concerted efforts of all colleagues and the guidance and the support of the government, Greentec was awarded the provincial "Advanced Technology Service Enterprise" and the municipal "Excellent Service Outsourcing Enterprise".

In order to further improve the political quality of Greentec team and the level of work, before the start of the conference, Greentec invited Liu Haifeng, deputy general manager and secretary of the party branch of Nantong Tian An Cyber Park(Group)Co., Ltd., to lead the party members to visit the party column in the park. By reviewing the glorious history of the party, it is aimed at strengthening ideals and beliefs, playing a role model for party members and promoting all work with the guidance of the party's spirit.

The year 2021 is the fifteenth year of Greentec's establishment, which has left many beautiful stories and touching moments. In the theme of " Greentec and Me" writing activities, a total of 17 text entries and 24 photo entries were received, and the outstanding entries were shared and awarded at the meeting.

In 2021, Greentec team brave the wind and the waves to meet the changes, helping Greentec move towards the goal of “being a World-Class Marine and Offshore EPC Contractor and Green Technology Provider”. Thousands of sails compete, the first must be the hardest. At the meeting, individuals and teams with outstanding achievements and performance in 2021 were commended and awarded as a token of appreciation for the contribution made by the outstanding Greentec team to the development of the company.

Salute to every Greentec member who is striving and struggling, they deserve all the applause and honor.

Finally, Summary Commendation Ceremony ended in the affectionate speech by General Manager Mr. Du Xinwei. In his speech, Mr. Du gave high praise and recognition to the achievements made in each section and the hard work of Greentec team. Mr. Du also proposed that in 2022, Greentec will continue to focus on talent training and technology research and development, and focus on digging and promoting young talents to accumulate strength for the company and accelerate the development of the enterprise.

On the evening of 25th Jan, Greentec 2022 New Year’s party kicked off. On the wonderful party feast, the various departments performed in turn. They were versatile, singing and dancing, which showed the full of youthful enthusiasm of Greentec team.

The brilliant performances won warm praise and applause from the audience. Greentec team spent a beautiful and unforgettable annual event. Finally, all the members sing "Tomorrow will be Better", with the strength of forging ahead, hand in hand, together towards a new 2022.

The year of 2021 is like 365 steps, which record the footsteps of all the Greentec team, who make every effort courageously fighting day and night to strive for a new journey.  In the future, Greentec will continue to take "Green Our Sea by Technology" as the mission, adhere to the concept of "service creates value", and unceasingly make efforts to write a new chapter together.


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