Greentec Held 2020 Annual Party Successfully!

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On February 4th, the 2020 yearly summary and commendation conference of "Cather hearts together, Picture wonderful future" was held in Greentec Activity Room successfully.

Mr.David Du, General Manager of Greentec, made an important speech at the meeting. He mentioned that Greentec has made great achievements in various businesses in 2020 even it has been a challenging year. Looking forward to 2021, we will input more efforts to develop a series of repair and retrofit businesses while refining the existing business. Fifteen years passed, we have always been practicing enterprise philosophy of "Service Create Value", and striving to build an excellent brand in the shipping industry. Facing the opportunities and challenges in 2021, Greentec team will work together and make contributions to the company's 15th anniversary celebration!

The commendation conference is held to reward each Greentec employee for their hard work in the past year. Seven awards were set from Greentec Star, Outstanding Employee to Outstanding Team. Full range of award setting makes more and more people in Greentec to be seen and paid off!

We also added a special video connection call to interact with Greentec employees who were at the project site. We appreciate their selfless dedication and contribution to Greentec.

Greentec team presented their versatile talents with various programs, including singing, dancing, poetry reciting, Guqin playing, etc. As a special part, children of Greentec employees were invited also to give their performances at the party and have won a lot of applauses and wonderful gifts.

To enjoy has been the main theme throughout the entire annual party. Especially, it is more than obvious at the lucky draw time. A series of surprising prizes have been prepared to reward Greentec employee for their hard work.

While singing the song of "A Loving Family", the 2020 year-end summary and commendation conference of "Gather Hearts Together, Picture Wonderful Future" came to the end in laughter. Thanks to everyone for their efforts both in front of and behind the stage!
The year 2020 has passed with lots of memories. Despite all the challenges in the process, Greentec team has never forgotten to forge ahead. During the hard time of Covid-19 period, Greentec never cease to explore new opportunities while deepening its current businesses. On the other hand, it has undertaken the social responsibilities as an enterprise by make donations of anti-epidemic supplies to the ones in need.
At the new starting point of 2021, Greentec will continue to adhere to the corporate mission of "Service Create Value", improving its core competitiveness and promoting the innovative development of the shipping industry. Move forward bravely, and make further achievements!


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