Greentec Marine – Making Its Own Contribution to Global Anti-pandemic

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Virus is ruthless but we human are full of love during this pandemic. Warm and hopeful spring is already with us here after chilly winter.

As a company with a strong sense of social responsibility, Greentec has always been devoting itself to public charity service. At the beginning of COVD-19, Greentec launched a donation within company, attracting full supports and active participation from all stuff. Faced with situation of domestic severe shortage of pandemic prevention supplies, Greentec staff took every business trip opportunity to purchase stuff including masks and thermometers from Dubai, Japan, etc and immediately donated them to designated hospitals, communities and other front-line for pandemic prevention. Meanwhile Greentec has been paying close attention to health state of employees from Hubei province, delivering warm greetings, food, masks and other scarce supplies when they were in quarantine.

As the situation gets worse and worse outside of China, Greentec gradually delivered greetings and medical supplies to overseas clients from Norway, the Netherland, South Africa, Malaysia, etc. Greentec is trying to build a global defense line to fight against pandemic with its small but determined power and overcome difficulties with unity.

At the beginning of domestic pandemic outbreak, Greentec immediately set up a Pandemic Prevention and Control Team to deal with following work. In terms of implementation of pandemic prevention, Greentec formulated a series of regulations and measures and conducted online staff training. In terms of supplies preparation, Greentec prepared enough masks, disinfectants, thermometers, and sprayers according to the request of government strictly, which has guaranteed the company's orderly resumption of work and daily prevention and control afterwards. With all these efforts, Greentec has controlled and minimized the impact of the pandemic on company's clients and employees efficiently.

Until April, Greentec’s business has been back to normal. However, the global anti-pandemic situation is still severe. Always adhering to consistent service concept and commitment to clients, Greentec will continue to make its own contribution to global anti-pandemic!


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