Congratulations to complete success of Greentec 2019 Annual Meeting

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On the evening of Jan 31st of 2018, Greentec held 2019 annual meeting at Novlion Hotel Nantong with complete success. Mr. David Du, general manager of Greentec, gave a conclusive and inspiring speech against all staff.

During the meeting, we awarded the “Employee of the Year”, “Department of the Year”, “Employee of Loyalty” and “Employee of Hard Work” for their outstanding contributions in the past year. They took group photos together for marking this special moment.

After that, we had a joyous and exciting dinner time together. The staff put on many and various performances with passion and enthusiasm, including singing and dancing. We also played some small but tricky games. What’s most exciting is the Lucky Draw time. We invited our honorable guests i.e. Mr. Numan from DM and Mr. Gevin from Prosafe to draw the lucky fellows for us. All of these made an impressive and festive Greentec evening. Mr. David addressed his congratulations to winning employees and best wishes to Greentec and all for the coming year 2019!


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