Turnkey Delivery For 3 Tankers From THE GREAT EASTERN!

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Recently, Greentec has successfully delivered the turnkey BWMS and EGCS retrofit projects for great vessels JAG LEENA, JAG LOK and JAG LAKSHYA from THE GREAT EASTERN.

THE GREAT EASTERN is a world famous shipping company. The company focuses on shipping and offshore business. It has nearly 50 ships including oil tankers, bulk carriers and LPG carriers.

Throughout this year, the outbreak of Covid-19 has seriously affected the development of shipping industry. Under the restrictions of pandemic prevention and control, shipowners and shipyards are facing the test of the project delay. Greentec actively responds to the severe market situation, steadily promotes the resumption of work, and puts in high-quality technical and project management team, working together to ensure project quality and schedule.

After delivered last turnkey retrofit project from THE GREAT EASTERN this year, they highly appraised Greentec and sent a letter of appreciation. The letter said: "We thank the entire team of GREENTEC MARINE ENGINEERING involved in BTWS/EGCS retrofit of JAG LAKSHYA for their support and hard work during all days in Shipyard. We appreciate the efforts under taken by them! "

Facing the ever-changing market environment, Greentec always firmly believes that opportunities come along with challenges, and adheres to scientific and technological innovation and service transformation and upgrading. In the future, Greentec will continue to invest more resources in the global market, give full play to the advantages of more than 100 experienced design and project management teams, as well as the service experiences accumulated over the past 15 years, so as to provide more high-quality and efficient one-stop service for global shipping companies!


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