Based on technical services for ship re-fitting, Greentec fully integrates its technological advantages, talent advantages and management advantages, and extends its service and industry chain, has built the EPCIC (Engineering Procurement Construction Installation Commissioning) contracting model in the ship re-fitting industry, to maximize the technology value. Through the ship technical service system of preliminary consultation, 3D laser scanning, customized solution, class approval design, production design, on-site construction, mechanical and electrical commissioning and on-site supervision & management, Greentec provides one-stop solution for customers.

Greentec has a professional, experienced and highly responsible engineer team and owns a number of high-quality talented personnel in design, management and project management. At present there are over 50 staff among which 80% are engineers, 60% have working experience in large shipyards or on board ships, and over 50% have experience in international business.

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