Successful Delivery of Two BWMS Voyage Installation Projects by Greentec

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To provide better Scrubber and BWMS retrofitting services to clients, Greentec has lately promoted its voyage installation solution for ship owners because of the tighter and tighter schedule of shipyard dry docks and the expensive costs thereof.

Last month, we just successfully delivered one capesize vessel equipped with SUNRUI system, and one handysize vessel equipped with HEADWAY system for our good clients ADANI SHIPPING PTE LTD and UGLAND MARINE SERVICES AS.

Before the vessels arrived at the scheduled shipyards, our project team transported prefabricated materials onboard at discharge port. At the same time, our experienced workers boarded on the vessels to proceeded with installation according to pre-made work plan. It turned out very well that we saved our good clients for 5 days with regard to the dry docking period of the said two vessels.

Thanks to the successful experience with the two vessels, we shall have more confidence in providing better solution for our clients in the future!


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