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Company Philosophy: Integrity, Quality, Efficiency

Adhere to the philosophy of people oriented, ethics first, business second.

Quality is the fundamental of enterprise survival, while service is the basis of company growth.

Efficient learning and execution create professional team.

Company Tenet: Quality centered to create value for customers

Take customer satisfaction as the tenet to ensure the quality of products and services.

Company Values: Diligence, Tolerance, Sharing, Innovation

Diligence gathers strength.

Inclusion consolidates team.

Sharing contributes to common progress.

Innovation casts brand.

Company Future: Adherence to continuous improvement, the pursuit of continuous development

A courageous recognition of shortcomings and deficiencies, and equipped with creativity and pioneering spirit so as to achieve sustainable development.

Company Vision: Serve the society and dedicate to society

Greentec Marine Engineering Co., Ltd

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Shanghai: Room 802-1, 4- Block C, No.2389 Zhangyang Road, Pudong 200120, Shanghai.

Tel: +86 513 66691666

Tel: +86 513 66691662 (Business Dept.)



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